The “crown” keepsake ring - lock of hair, ashes or breast milk

The “crown” keepsake ring - lock of hair, ashes or breast milk

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The “crown” princess style keepsake ring can be created using a first curl, lock of hair, breast milk, dried flowers, a material scrap, umbilical cord fleck or cremation ashes. This beautiful ring could even contain a teeny first tooth, the choice really is yours to design.

Preserved professionally your element can be set with a colour, left naturally or designed with glitter! The choice is yours. The ring is sterling silver, with a delicate stone measuring roughly 8-10mm and size should be added In the notes on checkout.

Please note that in all the cremation Jewellery we create the cremation ash will always take its own natural distribution inside your Keepsake, no two will ever be the same! What a beautifully unique quality 💛 similarly adding elements such as shimmer, flecks or colour all distribute and show themselves differently across each keepsake depending on whether they are in mums unique  milk, a colour or set in another element. 

For a keepsake cremation ring or bead you will need to send us between 1/2 & 1 teaspoons amount of the ashes per charm.

Breast milk we require 1/2 an oz but can often work with less. please message us beforehand in this case.

Details on safely sending us your inclusions will come through via email once you have ordered.

Please read our Terms and conditions in regards to our refunds and returns policy as well as our maximum turn around time. (Most keepsakes are completed in 6-8 weeks but we have a maximum of a 8 week turnaround) (This is from the date we receive your inclusions and does not include postage time)